From the Principal's Desk

With the Motto 'TO INSPIRE TO ACHIEVE' at P.N.P.S. we firmly believe in igniting the minds of the children in such a way that our students not only excel in the academics and sports but also become 'GOOD HUMAN BEINGS for a BETTER WORLD'

This involves training and disciplining the students in everything they do.

The child, in school, is surrounded by various activities which make them learn very important life skills like interpersonal Relationship which accompanies sharing and caring self awareness, dealing with emotions and many more. Small things which matters much to us is that we completely agree in making Children "HOW TO THINK???" and not on 'What to think?'

We want our Children to be "CURIOUS LEARNERS"for which we motivate them to ask questions.

We want our PRIYADARSHIANS TO BE the INSPIRERS and ACHIEVE SUCCESS in all the fields of life...

Mrs. Neema Jain